Fishing the Fish needs to Finish

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Fishing the Fish needs to Finish

One of my favorite movies as a kid and now being older is Finding Nemo. There are so many meanings that the movie presents and can be taken so many different ways by so many different people, that’s why I like it. Finding Nemo did what I believe an outstanding job presenting real like problems in a children’s movie. Throughout the movie it was clear about what issues they felt were happening with out coral reefs and our fish population. As someone who watched the movie many times I notice new things each time I watch it, each time a different scene stands out to me and makes me realize more and more how much we are truly affecting the coral reefs and the fish in the ocean.

One of the top scene that stood out to me was when Nemo and his friends are scared to touch the “butt” which they refer to as the boat. This is a cute way of putting it but what it is really representing is that the fish are scared of the boat and of humans. They are scared of everything that we do and that we are going to catch them and take them away. In the movie Nemo and his friends were scared they were going to get caught and get taken away from their family. This is to me represented that if the fish know what a boat is and they are scared of us it’s because they know what we are trying to do to them. Also going along with that scene when the dentist catches nemo and brings him back to his fish tank in his office, it has a lot of fish in there. The fish in the tank at one point say that it is over crowded. This was a huge part that stood out to me that we are recreational fishing and it is causing over crowding in fish tanks and aquariums.

Recreational fishing is being over done by us and his hurting the animals as Finding Nemo shows that first hand in the movie. It is not being done for valuable enough reasons and we are just taking fish away from where they belong to over crowd them in a tank. Also by trying to catch the right fish to put in the tanks sometimes hundreds or ever more fish are being killed in the process. We need to stop recreational fishing, it is not good for the fish and it is killing off their population in the ocean and in their natural habitat.

Another problem the movie Finding Nemo presented was how awful our coral reefs are. It opens up with the scene of a perfect looking calm coral reef, then automatically switches to a crazy mad coral reef with fish everywhere hiding and things not as perfectly beautiful as they were in just the previous scene. The other scene in the movie where it is proved we aren’t treating our coral reefs correctly is when some of the fish find the scuba diving mask rapped up on a coral reef. That just shows how careless we are about our ocean. The last scene that stood out to me about coral reefs is where the sharks lived; they lived in sunken submarines and bombs that were left by us humans. This is not right of us to be destroying coral reefs and not caring about them when it is something so beautiful we have and also animal’s homes.

Overall Finding Nemo is a movie that has a lot more to say than to just children. It was a message to all of society done in my opinion very well. It stated the many issues we have, and it is an easy fix. Don’t recreational fish, be careful and cautious of the things we leave and throw into the ocean. coral_reef


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