The Earth is Getting Warmer and Warmer

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The Earth is Getting Warmer and Warmer


Global warming is a topic that gets many people worked up if you believe in it or if you don’t believe it exist. Usually when the topic is brought up it can either start a great opener to a conversation or could cause quite the debate. People have their own opinion on global warming and most is usually one extreme or the next. People either believe 100% in global warming or some 100% don’t believe in it at all. Than there are those who are neutral or don’t really care too much about it. I use to be the person who was neutral or just didn’t care either way. Through some of my recent research I have switched sides and believe in global warming. Although I do believe in global warming I am not an environmentalist.


Through my research on global warming, there is no way to hide that the earth is naturally warming up. There for global warming is indeed happening weather everyone believes it or not. There have been many people who have talked about the problems of global warming. There have been many authors who have written books and articles about the facts they have found and there opinion. Bill McKibben being one of the more popular global warming authors said in his book Eaarth, “Earth has died… but Eaarth offers a few solutions.” By McKibben saying this he is showing how many problems earth has and they are written in his book but he also offers us many solutions in his book. McKibben states in his book many issues but one that truly stood out to me was the fact that the sea level is rising because of all the ice that is melting. The ice melting is a clear sign that our earth is going through global warming. The ice in the coldest parts or our world is melting; nothing more than that statement can prove that our earth is warming up. McKibben shows that there are many issues through out our earth that are causing our world to get warmer and ruin it, but that one stood directly out to me, and hopefully stands out to you.


Although there are many issues with our earth warming up and us humans taking advantage of it there are many ways to prevent this issue and really turn it around for the better. I encourage everyone and anyone to take these things in consideration to help our earth and protect it from the awful things we have already done to it.  It is surely going to take some effort from everyone on earth but something that is able to be done. This change is going to involve many lifestyle changes which is going to be hard for everyone especially us here in America. Some of these lifestyle changes include choosing renewable energy. This is energy that uses some of its power that is natural. For example it could get its power from the wind, solar energy, or even the sun to get it powered up! This is an awesome first step for us human to help our earth. Another way we could ne completely aware of where we ruin the earth is with our cars. An easy way to reduce the use of our cars and putting all the bad gas into the air is as simple as carpooling. Using the least amount of cars as possible is a small start but an great start to reducing the bad pollution we put into the air!


Although some of these things might cause us big changes it is definitely doable an easy fixes if we just try to. I hope this has informed you and you create the change we want to see in the world to create us a longer lasting beautiful earth!







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