I am a freshman at UT and am from Orlando Florida. I am a cheerleader for here at the University of Tennessee and love the Vols. I am loving my new life here in Tennessee and it is very fun to have made such a big change by moving here not knowing anyone. Although its been hard there has been so many awesome memoires so far and cant wait to keep making them. I have also loved my first semester of college, I have learned so much in school about so many different things. My blog is about how much the earth is really worth, that being the title I truly feel as though that really is what it is about. It shows how we as humans treat the world with such carelessness and not as great as we should. Us humans don’t treat the earth the way that it should be treated and don’t provide for the earth as much as the earth provides for us. We are very careless when it comes to the way we treat the earth and this blog with show you some of the ways that humans do that. Also I hope this blog provides you with much more information than you had ever known about our earth and the way it is treated. I also hope that it is entertaining for you, and maybe even provides you some ways to treat the earth differently to make the place we live a better place!1378816_10152503812917788_497578934_n


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