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McKibben’s Eaarth: A Painful Read

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Hello all! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our blog. This is all very near and dear to us, and we hope that you will understand the reason we are trying to reach out and make a real difference in our environment!


For the incoming freshman at the University of Tennessee, we were required to read Eaarth by Bill McKibben. I always end up reading these books, but I am here to tell you that this is the one book that I honestly could not get through.


The majority of the book, McKibben just recites facts and statistics on global warming. There was very few times where his thoughts and opinions were even expressed in the book. This is a very big reason as to why this was such a painful read. The structure of the book was also difficult to keep focus on. Many times I would be reading and realize that I did not even remember a word I had just read. And I was really trying hard to focus on this book! The chapters were all extremely long with out much transition to keep the flow going. It felt a lot like reading a textbook to me, which no one really ever wants to have to do that! I think that McKibben had some great ideas and examples, but they were lost in the scheme of things. It was hard to really take away the main ideas and important examples when it all seemed to run together.


McKibben had good intentions, but did not quite succeed in reaching and effectively calling his readers to action. This call to action is extremely important because the severity of our global warming issue is due to the lack of drive from Americans to change the way we are living our life. It is imperative that Americans get this much-needed education about the current problems our environment face. Currently, Americans do not quite have enough information to really see how much their actions are really affecting the environment. Bill McKibben had a real chance to positively impact Americans with his book, but he just did not succeed in this.


Bill McKibben’s main solution to the environmental crisis that we are currently facing is to have each person realize that he or she can actually make a difference. He proposes recycling as a key solution that would be an easy thing for each and every one to do. I have really tried to become more aware of my actions since coming to college. I make sure to turn off the lights, unplug devices, use less water, carpool, and recycle more. These are all very small steps, but with the proper education and accommodations, Americans have the potential to make a huge difference by just making small changes to their everyday life. In order to implement this, I believe that eventually the government needs to get involved. By doing so, there can be bigger changes and more positive impacts for our environment.


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Ijams A State of Mind

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Hello all. I am so glad that you are taking time out of your day to read this blog post. It will be worth your time!


So many times it is so easy to get caught up in life, and hard to take a step back and realize you need time to yourself. You need time to take in the natural beauty that surrounds us. You need time to relax, away from the distractions that are constantly pulling you in every direction. This time is vital, and Ijams Nature Center offers your perfect getaway from the stressful day you are having, or just a place to go relax and spend time admiring nature.

Ijams Nature Center is just a short drive from campus. All you have to do is just drive across the bridge and you are almost there. Ijams Nature Center is one of the very unique attractions in Knoxville, Tennessee. It offers a new take on a nature and your typical nature center. They also offer a wide range of activities including nature trails for biking, walking, running, places to hike, and canoe and shop. Ijams also offers many programs for any age, special events, and shows that are put on very frequently. How awesome does that sound?? Ijams volunteers describe this experience as “Ijams is a state of mind: a place where you learn to care for the earth for your whole life” ( This is an important message that Ijams wants to portray to its visitors. Our environment is at risk because of the human activity that is causing detrimental effects. Ijams offers a place to see what our world has potential to become.

Recently, I visited Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville. It was an absolutely breathtaking place to spend an afternoon. On that particular day, they were having people read their very own environmental poetry. It was a beautiful fall day, and everyone was able to take in the scenery while listening about the environment and nature. We all got to sit down and really had time to relax and take in these calming words. After listening to the poetry, we took a stroll around Ijams. The nature trails were absolutely charming.  I also went inside and looked at the displays and history of the center. Ijams Nature Center offers a wide range of activities to do, all which have the wilderness of Knoxville as its main message.


One reviewer of Ijams said, “I live close to Ijams and go there often. There are so many trails that you could easily spend several hours walking/jogging them all. The section along the river is beautiful. Trails are well kept and an easy walk/hike. Very friendly staff and you should stop in and see the small exhibit they have on the premise right as you come in. Quiet and peaceful and beautiful!” (


I would highly suggest that you take some time out of your day and take a peek into a potentially fantastic getaway that is so close to home.

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